Safety Guidelines

Assumption of Risk

If you decide to purchase from us it’s critical you understand and agree to the Assumption of Risk – Click here for more information

Wear the right gear

Let’s face it, riding an electric scooter is inherently dangerous and not every accident can be avoided. Wearing appropriate safety gear is the best way to limit injury. At the very least you should be wearing a crash rated helmet and we recommend a DOT (Department of Transportation) certified helmet. We also recommend wearing elbow, knee and hand protection in the form of gloves.

Check your tires

This might be obvious, but the tires on your scooter are vitally important. They provide the traction and control needed to safely ride and are subject to wear over time. I thorough review before any ride is a good way to avoid accidents from loss of traction or flat tires. Most scooters have pneumatic tires and require a specific amount of tire pressure for safe operation. Look for any damage and wear on the tread as well as any damage to the sidewalls.

Know where you are

It’s easy to lose focus as you ride and so we recommend that you stay aware of your surroundings. Be aware of pedestrians, obstacles, and traffic as you ride. Remember at speed your reaction time changes and so does the reaction time of pedestrians and traffic. They’re also very unpredictable in their movements. Stay focused and never assume they can see you.

Watch out for obstacles

Barriers, potholes, curbs, and bumps are not your friend! Most scooter accidents can happen when you encounter these kinds of obstacles at speed. Your reaction time is decreased when moving at speed and the impact of collision greatly increases the faster you’re traveling. Avoid rolling over curbs, potholes and bump at speed.

Approach barriers and traffic cautiously and slowly. Practice safe braking practices and avoid stopping suddenly. Remember that even if your scooter features anti-lock braking technology, you can still lose control if try to stop too quickly. Always follow right of way regulations and all traffic laws.

Stay out of the rain

Weather is unpredictable and you should avoid riding in less than favorable conditions. There are no safety features on your scooter that will help keep you safe riding in the weather. Rain and snow create slippery riding conditions making it difficult to maintain good traction. If you do find your self on a wet surface you should reduce speed and traverse such terrain cautiously. Avoid any puddle or body of water that will submerge your scooter

Maintain a safe distance

Distance is the best way to avoid accidents from collisions. Maintain safe riding distance while ridding will allow you extra time to process and determine the best avoidance routes.

Know your speed limits

Our electric scooters are limited to 15mph by a speed limiting wire to comply with DOT regulations and insurance requirements.  Tampering with the speed limiting wire is discouraged and may be unlawful. Also traveling at higher speeds increase the chances of an accident which results in a serious injury to you or someone else.

You’re responsible

Ultimately, you’re responsible for anything that happens when you ride. We want you to have fun and enjoy your scooter but above all else ride responsibly and cautious.