Dualtron Storm Limited


There is an additional $100 to $150 fee assessed per scooter to cover shipping, assembly and warranty labor costs. 

Meet the all-new and improved Dualtron Storm Limited with a powerful 84v45Ah fixer Battery and a maximum of 11500w sheer power! That’s unprecedented for any of the earlier models and other brands can compete! The Storm Limited also comes with a turbo-like, “ludicrous mode” which gives you an additional 60A output current with a simple double-tap of the throttle. Features include a fingerprint sensor, light mount, safety damper, and 95.4v 4A Fast Charger for people who are hungry for even more power and speed.



  • 84V 45Ah battery (LG 21700)
  • Up to 11500W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
  • Up to 220km of range
  • 5 Step Adjustable Suspension
  • 11″ Tires
  • NUTT hydraulic brakes + 160mm Disk
  • Steering stabilizer
  • 75 MPH max speed
  • “Ludicrous” mode